Self Isolation house. What does that mean?

As New Zealand Ministry of Health places visitors to our country into a mandatory two-week isolation, they are potentially searching for a house or accommodation. A self isolation house to live in for the next 14 days.

Self Isolation Coronovirus / COVID 19

With the new travel restrictions, many travellers are either returning to NZ or visiting New Zealand and currently are struggling to find suitable accommodation.

The Ministry of Health website states : If you have returned from any country except those in Category 2 (open IN NEW TAB LINK TO THIS – , you will be required to stay at home (self-isolate) for 14 days.

Self Isolation NZ.

Two weeks or 14 days is a long time. Perhaps staying with family is not an option. This leads people to search for short-term self-isolation rental accommodation.

Once you have found your self-isolation house? How do you prepare for your 14 days in self isolation? Here are some self-isolation preparation suggestions (LINK TO THE FAQ).

If you don’t need to self isolate but are wanting to practice the concept of ‘’social distancing”. What does this mean? Consider this – try and drastically reduce the amount of contact you have with other people, especially if they are elderly. If you are on public transport, in the office, at the shop and then at a party you may have interacted with up to 200 plus people in a day. So, reflect on this daily activity and consider how you could reduce the amount of interactions. I.e. halve the interactions with other people. This is the concept of social distancing. By reducing this number of interactions, you reduced your chances of contracting the coronavirus.

What does Self-Isolation mean?

Self-isolation is an effective way to protect those around you. Your family, the elderly, your friends and colleagues from contracting COVID-19 / Coronavirus.

On the other hand, home self-isolation means the following.

  • Have food, parcel or deliveries left on the doorstep. See the contact less service areas for providers and support in your area.
  • When self-isolating, it is not an opportunity to meet up with others that are self-isolating.
  • Sleeping arrangement when home self isolating. Sleep alone and ensure you keep two metres away from anyone that lives with you. It is very hard to prevent transmission between people who live together, flatmates or young children and babies. If maintaining this distance is too difficult, try and find a self isolation house using our self-isolation rentals and accommodation directory.

Here are some NZ self isolation rules?

Home self-isolation means taking simple, yet common-sense steps to avoid close contact with others. This helps you protect your family and community from the further spreading of the COVID-19 / coronavirus or other common infectious diseases.

Avoid having visitors to your home. But you may still need support and food supplies. It is fine if friends, neighbours family, delivery or courier drivers drop off food and supplies. They could leave these at your door and watch from a distance as you take these items indoors.

You should definitely not share crockery, cutlery, dishes, drinking glasses, cups, bath towels, sleeping pillows or other items with other people that live in your home whilst you are is self-isolation.

Washing all items thoroughly, preferably using a dishwasher or washing machine is ideal.

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