Looking for Self-Isolation Rentals in New Zealand

COVID-19 – Do you need to Self-isolate? This may be self-imposed isolation or as a result of a Ministry of Health NZ requirement and enforceable by law in NZ.

Are you a tenant searching for self isolation accommodation?

Self-induced isolation or perhaps self-isolation because of a Ministry of Health NZ requirement as a result of COVID-19 / Coronavirus can be quite stressful when you don’t know where to find available accommodation.

Self-isolation is an effective and precautionary measure to protect those loved ones around you. If you are searching for a motel vacancy, rental homes, hotels, motels holiday rental or vacation rental You have come to the right place.

Isolating yourself from others may seem a little daunting and the objective of this website is to support you in your search for self-isolation rentals and related services.

COVID-19 (novel coronavirus). Perhaps you are arriving in New Zealand or returning home and need to find accommodation to self-isolate.

Finding self-isolation rentals?
Finding self-isolation rentals

Own or operate rental accommodation that can be used as a self-isolation rental?

  • Do you own or operate rental accommodation?
  • Would you be able to offer this rental accommodation to someone who needs to self-isolate?

It is an assumption but the majority of kiwis or people who need to self-isolate will possibly be returning from overseas. These people searching for self-isolating accommodation will probably be healthy.

Isolating yourself from others after travel is a requirement of the Ministry of Health NZ.

If these tenants or renters / clients self-isolate properly and your cleaners follow appropriate guidelines, there should be no risk to you or your future customers. We welcome you to add your self-isolation rental to our self-isolation rental listings.

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